I have decided to present what I consider my better works in the form of this "free" webpage (although all things have one sort of price or another).  All my life, perhaps because of the unworldly nature of the text and its originality, I have not succeeded in finding publishers who would take this work.  I have, however, self-published in various forms, primarily digital.  This webpage is an experiment and a work in progress.


I have looked into various ways of attempting self-publication via web.  I have never cared much for the "home movie" varieties like FaceBook or Blogs.  There are many websites which will charge $$$ to design a site and supposedly add it to important ebook distributors.  The free ones get in your face with all kinds of ads, pop-ups, and suggested links to interfere with your concentration as you attempt to peruse these manuscripts.


I finally came up with the idea of having the user download files which they could read, save, print, or steal.  I've put them in some very common types, which could easily be converted for certain readers.  I may make various conversions for you.


None of this is copyrighted.  I would be quite flattered if some unscrupulous literary thief "stole" these words and managed to get it published with numerous customers.  Ideas and literary works are to be shared, not possessed.


Let me give you instructions on how to operate this site.  Go to links above and click on titles that interest you.  Then click on the name of the file and open it.  It will then appear on your computer in the program it fits with.  You may then read it and save it, and you can turn your internet browser off.  I am thinking about converting to ebook form, say MobiPocket or EReader so this could be read on handhelds or ebook readers.  Usually either Abobe and Word docs can be read on those anyway.


I would not mind monetary contributions as reward, click "donate" below.  More than anything else, I would like your feedback and reaction, even to say you did or did not like it.  I hope these works will expand your consciousness.


To send comments/feedback:  john_forrest@verizon.net







Meditation Exercises.doc Meditation Exercises.doc
Size : 415.425 Kb
Type : doc
Evolutionary Tales.doc Evolutionary Tales.doc
Size : 59 Kb
Type : doc
Metapsychological Journey.doc Metapsychological Journey.doc
Size : 68 Kb
Type : doc
Yuban Vision.pdf Yuban Vision.pdf
Size : 3628.53 Kb
Type : pdf
Meditation Exercises.doc Meditation Exercises.doc
Size : 644 Kb
Type : doc
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