This particular work is probably what I consider the most "complete" of my literary works.  I originally wrote this in my late twenties, when I was living an extremely lonely and isolated existence near Amherst, MA (called "University City" in the novel).  I was working part-time doing housecleaning and yardwork, living on a small trust fund, barely getting by.  Like a lot of my literary work in that decade of my life, this is remotely autobiographical.  I think I was stoned when I got some of the ideas for this.

Like the character "Dogstar", I really did have some little motorscooter and was always traveling to places up in the high hills.  I worked some of the locale scenery in this book.  Some of the characters are pure fiction like "Stella Telestar" or "Llang Llong".  Like a lot of my work, there's a lot of implicit mysticism in this novel.

This was a very experimental fiction type.  Part I., "Taking Off" was written as poetry.  Part II., "Crashing", was a kind of raving gibberish with a lot of grammatical rule-breaking.  Then Part III. "Waking Up" was a journal Dogstar wrote living far away from it all.  I admit Dogstar's Vision was a earlier form of the Story of Evolution in the "Book of No-Thing".

I did a lot of re-drafting on this work and attempted to send to publishers, but it never went over, so here it is for public perusal.  Hope you get off on it!

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