This work is the closest I have to what I consider "just right", "almost a masterpiece", and such, though that is for the reader and critics to determine, not the author.  I originally wrote this a few decades ago and have edited it and embellished it ever since.


This is a metaphysical treatise which proposes that the universal mind created this universe (and others in alternate dimensions).  The idea is that this universe is an on-going "work-in-progress".  The driving force behind evolution is to reach ever-higher levels of consciousness.  I propose that everything in this universe is "alive", having some level of consciousness, whether rudimentary or advanced.  As a literary experiment, I get into the mind of, say, a rock, a planet, a star, a plant, a monkey, air, water, fire, and earth.  In roughly chronological order, I go into how it all evolves from inorganic matter to ourselves - and beyond.  There is a lot of mysticism between the lines in this work, both overt and latent.


Perhaps this will alter your perspective on the meaning of our existence; perhaps it will not.  In any case, you may find it either inspirng or provocative.

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